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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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so you know and not just diplomacy released but. a response to u.s. threats that russia and china will pay a price for what washington sees as supporting the syrian president. america's show of support for egypt's newly elected islamist president threatens to strain its relations with israel as hillary clinton moves from cairo to tell of the top level but. it would be problems with food electricity water supply so i want to make sure we could this time when money will be dead old doomsday desperation archie meets the austrian away arguably the most awesome mystic outlaw in the future of the ring with me here on.
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my from our studios in central moscow you're watching r t with me and he said now it's good to have you with us two pm here in the russian capital and the country's foreign minister sergei lavrov says foreign partners tried to blackmail moscow to secure a u.n. resolution allowing the use of force in syria. national. unfortunately we've even seen some moments of blackmail so i consider it talks will be counterproductive and dangerous approach because it is unacceptable to use the observers as a bargaining chip with words. like peter oliver he's been following a conference where those words came from surrogate lavrov what kind of bargain is circular of talking about here peter well the observateur the foreign minister
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spoke about. what russia wants to see they want to see an extension of the u.n. monitoring program on the ground in syria and he's said this therefore russia's foreign partners have said yes ok you can have that we'll throw that through the u.n. if you vote for our resolution which is being put forward by western countries that russia isn't supposed to do the reason they're not prepared to do that is they believe it could lead to some outside military intervention in syria a similar situation to what we saw in libya which is of course what russia is doing trying to avoid for many months now. western powers accuse russia starting the peace process in syria of course by supporting president said how did sergey lavrov respond to that but we have to go back to comments from the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton that were made a few weeks ago in which she said russia and china had blood on their hands essential with regards to the syrian conflict and she said that there would be
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a price to pay off reacting well quite angrily to those comments about threats coming towards russia and china saying that that really wasn't acceptable. tim bolen you could have some acceptable to blame it all on russia and china and especially to resort to threats like they will keep with us which is beyond not just diplomacy rules but any common decency so far it's the syrian people who want a peaceful young woman use of some of our foreign partners to observe the un security council's decisions and you wish. well the foreign minister was addressing and outlining russia's stance on syria as a whole responded to comments the small sco was supporting the assad government saying they simply wasn't the case russia wasn't supporting one particular side at all that they were committed to the kofi annan peace plan that was only by both sides putting down their weapons that we could see peace with regards to the syrian
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people he said it's up to them to decide the future for their country not any kind of foreign power but it's natural for those they tell us that we need to convince to step down voluntarily that is simply unrealistic but this is not about our preferences likes or dislikes he will not step down not because we back him up but because he has the support of a significant part of the country's population so a good lover of their outlining russia's stance on the ongoing syrian crisis which continues to see people dying in the middle eastern countries it's all comes of course ahead of important meetings between himself and u.n. peace on envoy kofi annan later on tonight artie's peter all over thank you very much for that update but we. should say that you can watch the foreign minister's news conference in full on our website r.t. dot com we'll continue to bring you reaction to those comments on syria and the global situation throughout the day.
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live from moscow the u.s. secretary of state is in israel of final destination in her eight nation tour of europe asia and the mideast and the clinton's visit comes on the heels of a trip to egypt where she held talks with both the newly elected president and armed forces chief quinsey to visit was marred by the american approach crowds that culminated in demonstrators throwing tomatoes shoes and water bottles a park has in the port city of alexandria but despite a cold reception by locals to us seem to find common ground with egypt's new leadership something that certainly worrying america's long time ally israel. now explains. and there was sort of the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton this past weekend to cairo so he sends out a strong message that washington believes it is important to engage with the new
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president as early on as possible they need from him should support their. very clear for. for the muslim brotherhood for president morsi aware of no other choice but to speak with. the with and we've got the united states is certainly trying to find its way your region in light of the recent changes of the arab spring but in some respects it's done an almost one hundred eighty degree turn around that in two thousand and five when the even the u.s. secretary of state condoleezza rice went to cairo she in fact at least said that the united states would have nothing to do with the muslim brotherhood certainly the united states is having to find new frames it's abandoning old friends and it's creating new problems and as it falters kosta friendships with regimes such as the muslim brotherhood in egypt it needs to calm israeli fears about the changes in the
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region that are seeing increased muscle flexing of islamised fundamentalist regimes the israelis are so concerned by the situation that recently the israeli defense forces placed and i am don't aid of claims system that tree near its border in southern israel with egypt it's worth noting that as the united states moves closer to islamize forces in north africa and the middle east it's almost taking up its old ally israel by creating more forces that are hostile to the jewish state policy r.t. tell of of. well egypt's new leaders the country's polarized politics is also the focus of cross talk coming for you later today here on r t here's what's ahead. what's the point of having elections if you're elected and you can sit in your position of power what's the point of having elections. but you know we're in a situation in transition i mean we're talking about a country that hasn't had the markers to and thousands of years they had successful
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relations that they had to use a lot of going around that's going on right now it's part of the process obviously it may fail i mean we know that but but if if we go if we play it out in sequence with it's likely. likely to as a foundation for this process then there are possibilities that it can succeed and there has to be negotiations between the military and president morsi stephen thinks that what we're watching is a transition is a muddy transition where people are stumbling around making mistakes and having teaching moments that tho them grow from i'm not sure that we're in the midst of a transition we might be in the midst of a retrenchment i. i . i.
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know america in the mainstream media is that all time low according to a recent gallup opinion poll the growing discontent is opening the door for a different kind of journalism that explains. venning goodness statics round the clock operations a product always being exported america's mainstream news industry generates power and profits but it seems partisan reporting and frequent gaffes may have made many americans turn away from the big broadcasters when they are. writing the revolution going our across. and have going on cruise katie holmes are going to war that program where are a recent gallup poll shows an all time low of only twenty percent of the public trusting the news many say this means citizen journalism is becoming a big game changer and the amazing thing about training citizens to be really good
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pundits is that they they have a wealth of information that journalists just don't have when you help them connect what they know are exposed to their experience with a big picture. political event it's very powerful on what that journalist and best selling author and i only wolf not only supports citizen journalism she and business partner lisa thomas have built a nonpartisan training ground for it it's called daily klout dot com we're not just teaching people to vent we're training people to write rigorous shapely opinion pieces which are eight hundred words long and also to source their assertions we also teach them how to link what they're exposing are calling for with action steps. daily klout also features a legislative search engine that monitors and explains bills making their way to capitol hill a tool allowing everyday people to hold federal state and corporate leaders
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accountable when america's fourth estate fails to i think the mainstream media has become about entertainment. and. so concerned who holds the purse strings if the mainstream media is controlled by large corporate interests they're going they're beholden to them but this website is independently financed giving tens of thousands of citizens the freedom to report on topics many news networks are accused of suppressing i think one of the best ways you can judge the state of democracy is in how it's new debates and i think if you heard of the situation where the citizens of the country are actually bypassing the mainstream media i think that says a lot of the stage of democracy critics however argue that only properly educated and experienced journalists should be intrusted with understanding the rigors and ethics involved in news reporting but even then. there is no
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guarantee the public will receive facts the supreme court justices have struck down the individual mandate for the unconstitutional the direct blow to the president i would say it's a direct blow to his democratic party the individual mandate has been struck down it has been struck down no it has not. stopped i knew. he was mass media still maintains a stronger and wider reach that citizen journalism but it no longer holds the power to determine what the public is the baby doing what you've been reporting about her in a porno artsy new york. but they use debt woes show no sign of letting up our business desk and keeping a close eye on it. absolutely the eurozone is still swamped with certainty on monday the euro dropped to a three and a half year low against the british pound and european equity markets are sliding
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while germany's bonds are extending their gains that's on signs that europe's strongest economy is given into the crisis all of the details in the business bulletin and about ten. that's. also coming up how to ride out the recession europeans are preparing to survive by themselves and their politicians and currency flounder report in just a few. the official. i pod touch from the. video. and. now in the palm of your.
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one industry in the soviet union. not display our labors. for the attempt to catch up with the web. producer. for the still be. the europeans are across the continent are tightening their belts but some are taking it to the extreme despite e.u. power players repeated a story and says that the euro is on the road to recovery to austria to meet a man who is going all out and preparing for the worst. it seems like a place where the grass is always green and where every cloud has a silver lining but even in this ideal exciting in western australia there are
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fears of an economic dems they. could last few years has been converting his house into a fully self-sufficient residence and his reasons a purely economic. we got the worst case scenario that we're preparing for is the total collapse of the economy there would be problems with food electricity water supply so i want to make sure we could waste this time when the money will be worthless. solar panels wind turbine and emergency generator he's now producing more than two thirds of the power he needs the cows in the garden should provide a backup if supermarkets go empty and in case a fuel shortage is there is also a radial turn in chief. while this scenario may seem to your political we held believes the euro collapse and the ensuing social upheaval is a matter of when rather than if the. politicians keep talking about decreasing
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debts but what they do is just to prove. that a new steps no new solutions and what to do about this whole situation the rude awakening is coming we all hope to postpone it but eventually it will come. still he asked us to change his name and not to give out his address out of concern that in case of the total collapse his europe ruth refuge will be inundated by the angry and hungry donors the fears are not entirely foreign to many europeans especially of an older generation this part of the world peers to be arrived at their forefront of the cold war and preparing for the worst was part of the government's contingency plans but the idea that calamity mekon from them in europe rather than outside is relatively new and therefore all the more frightening after day kids of increasing crisp area the thought of losing basic comforts is still rather hard to take in for many northern europeans but on the other hand
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a few years ago their southern neighbors couldn't imagine that soup kitchens would become so popular in greece or that food aid would be in such demand in spain some people say the gold care for the government. i'm responsible for myself say about fifty percent of the. citizens may think in this way. but the majority will say no government we pay our taxes and so for we expect that we get. supplied by the government while the initial enthusiasm behind the euro project was at least partially based on the rx to reach esteem an increasing number of europeans are now fearing the opposite to. actually avoid the artsy reporting from western austria. well later this hour we speak to a british business mogul who sponsored a prize for the best answer on how to manage a euro break up for him letting the travel states quit the monetary union is
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inevitable. i can't see our country whose interest rate is being held at levels that are miles above its growth rates come possibly escape the state without some. defaulting devaluing some of the debt and starting again and into greece and spain can be competitive in the flesh from all i don't see how they politicians will cling to their idealism at promises for as long as they possibly can but in the end the ways of economics always wins politics never trump second. but take a look now at some of the stories making headlines around the world one of the second world wars most wanted criminals has reportedly been found in hungary bloodless klaus chick's terry who is now ninety seven sent over fifteen thousand jews to auschwitz while working as a police commander in the i can gather he fled to canada under
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a new identity after being sentenced to death but his disguise was revealed and he went on the run again that's been hiding for over fifteen years. afghan's education minister has survived a roadside bomb attack in the north the third assault on a top government official in as many days officials say the explosive was similar to those usually used by the taliban on sunday a suicide blast at a wedding claimed twenty lives including a prominent member of the afghan parliament and a close ally of president karzai. by deaths are all too frequent in afghanistan and not always at the hands of insurgents online only artes to kirby looks at nato his record in killing civilians and whether just saying sorry is really enough. good leverage or curbeam was able to build on the its most sophisticated robot
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which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation and why you should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog. let's not get the latest from the financial world the tosh that joins us from the business desk in russia wants to significantly improve its business climate over the next few years. absolutely indeed set a pretty ambitious goal to improve its business climate the world bank currently places russia in one hundred twentieth spot in terms of business conditions in the so-called doing business braiding president putin said russia should do whatever it takes to move to the top twenty squad with six here meanwhile investment consultants from going a science capital came up with a step by step plan for achieving this goal most of the proposed steps to deal with
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the bread tape and tie back according to the company's analysts and can significantly ease doing business in the country. and to discuss the issue i'm now joined a lawyer by the author of the proposal charles robertson he's the global chief economist with a sense capital thank you so much for joining us and you basically say that democracy is not a prerequisite for improving the business climate yet you really stress that red tape is a big problem are the two closely related. good question you've got countries like singapore which doesn't rate brilliantly on democracy indices by most independent organizations which measure this. they do very well on these are in business what we'd say is that you can make a lot of progress to reduce red tape red tape getting rid of red tape makes it
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easier to reduce corruption if you need eight documents to export a container out of russia today and only four to export out of georgia or germany there's twice as much room for the bureaucrats to be taking money from exporters in russia than there are in these other countries but there isn't a strong link between democracy and the ease of doing business the link that we wrote about in a different report last year is much more to do with per capita income the higher per cap during come goes in all countries that don't export oil. the more likely it is that those countries become democracies nearly all. which of the five steps will be hardest for russia to employment in your opinion. there's going to be some tough ones over the world bank is an organization that looks at lower taxes as a positive for business in russia's case it is quite a low tax economy already in fact the government's trying to increase i suspect
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increased taxation to reduce their dependence in the oil price so i can't see that the rush is going to be reducing the tax load so much in the next few years where we can see progress is starting a new business it's already a lot better than it was a few years ago it's forty four days it would take you to start a new business today it's thirty days now that's an improvement big improvement but in georgia it takes two days better roosts next door it takes just five days i think that's the area where russia can make a significant difference. ok but president putin called on the government to do whatever it takes to move to the top twentieth spot within the next six years how realistic do you think is that. what we reckon is that given that customs union is like kazakhstan and belarus if russia can just adopt the same reforms the best of the reforms that both those countries have done then by two thousand and
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eighteen russia would have jumped from one hundred twentieth place to thirty fourth place better than china in ninety first place better than brazil and india both well over one hundred so russia can make to thirty fourth place quite easily we also think this marginal small improvements would would get russia to twenty eighth place twentieth or be a push that would be quite ambitious but twenty eighth or top thirty place i think that's that's very doable very achievable that's still sounds very good thank you so much for joining us that was steve robertson from renascence capital. and let's take a quick look at the equity markets now we'll start with europe and at the moment as you can see the european indices are sliding the footsie is losing oh roughly a quarter of a percent the dax is not far behind it and what we're seeing there is that europe is down after the euro stocks fifty and dick's last week marked the longest winning
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streak and about three years it was doing incredibly well now moving on to the currency market the russian ruble at the moment is trading mixed it's losing value to the euro but is gaining to the dollar and of the euro itself is trading pretty much flat flat to negative to the u.s. dollar moving on to the russian markets they are mixed at the moment though they're actually trading higher the sour of the r.t.s. and m i six are gaining the r.t.s. is up just a notch the my sex is also managing to stay above the line that's after traders are focusing mainly on external factors namely the us earnings that the u.s. surge in the earnings season is a full swings in the united states and around a third of the dow jones companies are reporting this week something to watch and i want to the blue chips on the mind six some of the biggest movers and clued in the financial sectors the bear bank it's gaining just an arch a lukoil is also moving
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around a quarter percent higher and in one case one of the biggest gainers after the metal producer said its management is meeting with president hu ten later in the day and on to the crude market crude is actually trading mixed light sweet is shedding value trading just below eighty seven dollars a barrel and the brand is managing to gain somewhat that's after united arab emirates has launched a new pipeline to bypass the strait of hormuz which iran has repeatedly threatened to close that seizing a supply pressure that's all the latest from the business desk i'll be back in about fifteen minutes with an update and. meantime check out our site our two dot com slash business all right in touch thanks very much for that update in a few minutes here on our today escaping big you're of though we discuss the debt crisis with one of britain's key business leaders that's coming up after the head.
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